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If it’s bales you have to feed out, nothing does it better than the all new X5000. You've got to try it to experience the difference. Find your nastiest bales and book a no-obligation demo today

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Proven in the field, around the world, Hustler offers discerning farmers a comprehensive range of low maintenance, super-reliable bale feeders that are a pleasure to use.

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Round or square, large or small - whatever your bale handling requirements, you're in good hands with a Hustler.

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From our revolutionary Katipo series to our popular Columbia - with a Hustler sprayer, you're covered.

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What our customers are saying

  • "We think the world of the SL-350, we feed between 7-800 bales per year through it to our suckler beef herd. I would say at a guess that we have owned our machine for at least 6 years which means we’ve fed out approximately 4-5000 bales, we only use rounds. Length, width of the machine is perfect for operation and all our feeding is done indoors, alongside feed barriers." "We have never had to replace any parts, I asked my father and he said the only thing he can remember going wrong was a 'grub screw' on one of the bearings came loose. We mostly feed over the right hand side of the machine, because I am right handed and control levers are on the right of tractor cab, so prefer to do it my way. Although the Bales will still unwind if they are on the wrong way around, but it just takes a little longer." "As I said, it’s a brilliant machine, we could never be without it since we changed over to all Round Bales, from pit silage."   Adrian Williams, Mid Wales, UK - SL-350
  • Wayne Hill, of Te Kuiti is rapt with his new Katipo sprayer. Wayne runs a 20,000 stock unit sheep and beef farm and sprays around 700 hectare each year of pasture and thistle spraying. Operator Tony Van Der Drift says ʺthe Katipo replaces a 400 litre Silvan which broke every time we used it.ʺ Tony highly recommends the Katipo 890 which is spec'd with all the fruit - NZ's toughest the 8 metre Duraboom, 3 section electric controls, GPS guidance, flushing tanks and a storage box which allows him to take the chemical out on the job. A very nice bit of kit!   Sheep & Beef Farmer, Te Kuiti, New Zealand. Katipo 890
  • “I have to say the new Chainless X5000 bale cart is fantastic and a great improvement on the 4000, we have noticed a big difference in the amount of hay we are feeding out and reduced wastage”. Ella Anderson, University of Tasmania, Australia - Chainless X5000
  • "It's all very simple to use.  I'm not very up with the play on that sort of thing, but I just jumped in and it's like riding a bike.  Easy as! I'm very happy with it, and it's a top machine!"   - Katipo 1150 Dairy Farmer, Waikato, New Zealand. Katipo 1150
  • "The Hustler bale feeder is the best investment I have made since constructing a slatted shed for my cattle and purchasing a tractor. We currently feed over 300 bales a year and since the arrival of the Hustler it has saved me from the back breaking work of forking my cattle silage. I now have the capability to feed 60 cattle in under 30 minutes with minimum effort. The cost of the Hustler is very small when it is spaced out over 5 years per animal."   SL-350 Owner - Co. Roscommon, Ireland
  • "I've used many bale handlers both in Ireland and in New Zealand and this is by far the best I've used for loading and stacking because of the longer hand and the shape of the curve"   Contractor, Hawkes Bay. CXR Softhands
  • "The balefeeder for us was absolutely the most important piece of equipment we had on our farm. This feeder allows us to ride into a pasture with a roll of hay, feed out the exact amount that we want to feed out, whether it be a whole bale, a half bale, or a third of a bale that's up to us and if we're measuring correctly the amount of hay we're putting out. We come back in the next day and it's almost impossible to tell where we've fed. The cattle literally eat every piece of hay off the ground." Eric Elsner, Superintendent, University of Georgia, USA. Chainless 4000
  • "We bought it at the start of Spring and have already done about 1700 hectares with it,  we've had a really good run, it seems to go pretty well with the sort of country we do it on.  It’s got a lot of good safety features, and the ease of use is one of the key points we like about it." - Fox 1800 Agricultural Contractor - Patoka, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Fox 1800
  • “We did a reasonable amount of research and it came down to 3 brands, however the Hustler Chainless system had some good advantages. I liked the Rotor system – only 2 chains which are enclosed and well protected, no feed bars & minimal moving parts". "The ribbing on the polyethylene platform is excellent, it helps the bale to track straight & makes it easy to remove strings from square bales. Each of the 3 machines feed 500-600 bales a year. “Having a 2 year warranty was a good extra perk” says Chris. Roadley Farms, Ashburton Mid Canterbury. Chainless 4000
  • "We purchased the SL700X because it ticked all the boxes! Some of the key advantages is the impressive ground clearance and the fact that the chassis is the lowest point not the feed bars. The loading system is brilliant using one Cylinder and some clever mechanical engineering makes it foolproof and safe and It comfortably handles our 800kg + bales". Sheep, Goat & Deer farmer, Cromwell, New Zealand. SL700X
  • “We didn’t hesitate to purchase our fifth Hustler balefeeder recently. For us your feeders have proved themselves beyond question. We have consistently fed large numbers of bales year after year with minimal trouble. Taking into account great resale value together with very low maintenance means the actual overall cost of running these superior machines is far lower than going for a cheaper optioned machine. You definitely get what you pay for.” Farming Group, Morrinsville, New Zealand. Chainless 4000
  • "After three feed out seasons and about 2000 bales we're pleased we changed to the SL-350, as it has been very reliable, an important feature for our one man operation" Sheep & Beef Farmer, North Canterbury, New Zealand. SL350
  • "in certain times of the year we'll use hay rings, we'll use hay trailers with heavy use areas, so we feed with rings, we feed with hay trailers along with the balefeeder, but a 1000 times over, a 1000 times over this balefeeder is a far way better in my opinion than a hay ring or a hay trailer. There's places for those things, but if you have an opportunity to use the balefeeder then it's a no brainer" Eric Elsner, Superintendent, University of Georgia, USA. Chainless 4000
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Why Hustler

Hustler has been designing and building farm equipment since 1961. We combine a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks.

Our head office location in one of New Zealand’s key agricultural regions keeps us in touch with the requirements of some of the world’s best farmers. We listen, we observe, and we challenge the status quo to develop products that meet the evolving needs of agriculture. Industry-leading technology ensures meticulous manufacturing standards.

All new Hustler products undergo a grueling test programme, When they survive we stand behind them with our two-year warranty and our global dealer network.

About us Learn more about Hustler’s innovation

  • Founded in 1961

  • Exporting for over 45 years

  • Created more than 15 industry first

  • More farmers choose Hustler bale feeders than any other brand*

    * Digipol international research consultants


Our dedication to you doesn’t stop when you leave the dealer. That’s because owning a Hustler should be as rewarding as the time it saves you.

All Hustler built products are backed with a full 2 year warranty for added peace of mind in the field and include Hustler’s legendary service, back up and support that exceeds your expectations.

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